Our Effective English Programme at CPSKG (EEP) achieves a balance between successful traditional teaching practices and current trends in second language teaching. It is a tailor-made programme designed and monitored by our professional and experienced teaching team. The following content will give you an overview of the CPSKG EEP.

Immersion strategy - Quality English contact time on daily basis

We provide an effective English language learning environment with English-speaking time every day
We aim to enhance the children's ability to communicate and interact with each other, with the aid of native English speaking teachers, in a lively atmosphere.

Theme-based approach

Theme exploration through reading, writing, listening and speaking to enhance the children's ability in literacy. We support the all round development of students as effective learners.

  • Theme-based vocabulary
  • Activity pages
  • Lyrics to a song or poem

Reading and Comprehension Skills

Fun with books and storytelling

It aims to ignite young children's interest in books and stories, highlighting children's ability to recognize high frequency words. Children are given the opportunity to explore books. Techniques are taught such as looking at the cover, identifying characters and expressing feelings toward the story.

Spring Board Series (Levels 1 - 4)

Students start at level 1 and progress up through the different levels

Writing Skills

Guided Writing - Our Creative Writers

We integrated discussion, writing, reading and art to include the different learning areas.



Phonics Friends Series

Our Phonic Friends Programme is used to enhance the children's phonemic awareness of letter sounds and blends.

  • K1 introduction of letter sounds
  • K2 Learning letter sounds associated with a character, phonemic awareness
  • K3 Blends, digraphs and ¬†dipthongs

Itty Bitty Phonics Readers

These readers are used in conjunction with the Phonics Friends Series to reinforce and enhance the phonics sounds and blends learnt in class.

Show & Tell, Role-Play & Free Talk

Enables the practice of target language
Free talk - open discussions for children to use the enquiry approach in English
Builds confidence and fluency


Supportive Literacy Series

The Language Experience Approach (LEA)

Poetry Programme and Theme Songs

Theme related songs, rhymes, poems and riddles
\ Encourage proper pronunciation and rhythm skills
Improve Presentation and performance skills
Language articulation and speech development skills
Encourage creativity with language by learning to develop new poems or rhymes
Develop confidence in public speaking
Basic poetry writing (K3)

Home/ School Communication

Weekly Newsletter

Learning Objectives
What your child has learn throughout the week
Home Study instructions and objectives
Parents' note
Information on the following week's theme

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